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MU01 - CD, Digital Download - 2016

CD. Limited to 25 copies. Each one is unique.

£14.00 + packaging & shipping
Digital Download
320kbps MP3 + WAV 16/44.1
In the summer of 2015 Sergio Calderón was invited to participate in the exhibition 'Not a State, But an Artists' Colony' at Intelligentsia Gallery 智先画廊, Beijing.

Sergio conceived STEREO as a transcendental and meditative experience compromising a Two Channel-Video and Sound Installation.

London based band MU provided the soundtrack of the installation. STEREO is a live improvisation of guitar sound and texture recorded in London the 15th August 2015.

STEREO is released as a limited edition of 25 copies, Handmade CD.

This CD includes the 47 minute plus atmospheric guitar piece originally performed for the exhibition.

The Digital Download version includes a download of the album in MP3 plus all the tracks in hi-resolution.

'STEREO is a work which explores tonality, in the subtlest of ways. The track drifts on, concentrating on the ebb and flow, the wash and drift as notes struck rise and fall, decay and reverberate in the space in which they’re created. STEREO affords almost infinite space for the listener to lose, and find, themselves.'


1    STEREO    47:23

Music by MU
Recorded live in London in 15th August 2015
Performed, Recorded and Produced by MU

MU is:
Sergio Calderón — guitar
Céli Lee — guitar
The artwork was designed and binding by SC&CL with handmade calligraphy by Céli Lee. Each CD is an artwork in itself. Each one is unique.

MU was a band founded by Sergio Calderón & Céli Lee in 2015, after four instrumental albums and two international tours they disbanded in 2018. The duo continue to work together and release albums under their own names.