Independent publishing house established in London in 2015

Softcover. A3 size. 10 drawing plates. 1 poster 980x282 mm. Limited edition of 200 copies. Each volume is individually signed and numbered by Céli Lee herself.


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ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE is proud to present AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, a book by the Chinese artist Céli Lee.

AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS is an illustrated book filled with wild imagination and darkest fantasies. It is a mixture of beauty, eroticism and death.

The book features one landscape view and 10 complimentary drawings all delicately executed by the finest mechanical pencil.

‘In 2013, I came across with American composer and saxophonist John Zorn's Electric Masada’s album ‘At the mountains of madness’. I fell in love with it completely, the music and the album’s name have been lingering in the gallery of my mind since then. Later on I found out the name was actually first appeared in H. P. Lovecraft’s novel in 1936. While reading the book, I had this vision of a vast devastated land filled with grotesque human figures, vegetation and mountains. I started to capture my wild imagination onto the paper with whatever appeared in my head, without any plan, order and narrative. This way of creating can take forever, as there’s no necessity for beginning and ending. It took me almost three years to finalise my imagination. The drawing itself was extended from one single piece of paper to five, horizontally attached together. Later on it expanded upwards with another five. With all ten pieces of paper glued together, I realized I wasn’t visualising the mountains of madness but living in it, day by day for almost three years.’

Two short films have been created to celebrate the publication of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS by Céli Lee. Directed by Sergio Calderón, music by 無. The videos will be released at ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE website over the coming weeks.

Céli Lee is a Chinese born London based artist whose work dedicated to drawing and sculpture.

Her expertise often focuses on discovering the inner world of the mind and the hidden beauty in a devastated landscape. Sex, death and apocalypse have a strong influence on Céli’s work in which beauty and violence meet and fuse.

Through years of experimenting, developing and refining her craftsmanship, Céli creates her own visual language that unleashes the deepest inner desire and darkest fantasies. The perspective is always sensual and serene with traces of violence embedded, it often reflects the primitive side of humanity.