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MU & Céli Lee
變形記 A Journal of Transform
MU101 - Book + CD, Digital Download - 2018

Book + CD + Digital Download
Limited to 101 copies.

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Digital Download
320kbps MP3 + WAV 16/44.1k + PDF Book
變形記 - A Journal of Transform is a multimedia project created by Céli Lee with her band MU. It contains 18 specially curated graphite drawings by Céli, and 13 dedicated musical compositions by MU inspired by these artworks.

The piece is a compelling fusion of original visual and musical creativity that invites audience to a total adventure.

The album was recorded by MU in Tokyo and London between 2017 and 2018. The 13 new instrumental compositions ranges from ambient, jazz, rock, folk and noise, creating new music that transcends all genres and expectations. With this new release, MU invites audience to a powerful and unforgettable journey touched by Céli's magic.

The CD version includes a download of the album in MP3 plus all the tracks in hi-resolution.


01    Nothing’a As Wild As Her Deep Heart At Sea    5:16
02    Late Night Blue Resting In The Air    4:09
03    She Craved And Craved Again    6:07
04    Weeping Under The Opening Fingers Of The Dawn    2:54
05    First Kiss    3:06
06    Her True Thoughts Are Fixed Elsewhere    2:13
07    Waiting Room Performance    3:31
08    Signing Contract With Eternity    2:50
09    The Not So Still Moment    2:08
10    Solitary In Late Night Summer Blues    4:59
11    Longing For Devil’s Gaze    1:17
12    She Fears The Rough Edge Of Her Shadow    2:36
13    Day By Day They Lingered Side By Side    3:50

Music by MU
MU is Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee
Produced by Céli Lee and MU
Recorded in Tokyo and London between 2017 and 2018
Cover design by Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee
Photography by Sergio Calderón, Céli Lee and Miki Matsushima

20 pages softcover book with CDr. Limited edition of 101 copies. Each volume is hand-numbered and contains a unique calligraphy by Céli Lee on the CD cover.


Céli Lee is a Chinese born British singer, songwriter, musician and artist. 

She released her first album in 2015 under the band name MU together with Sergio Calderón. During the following three years, they explored different genres, recording techniques and released four more instrumental albums. The Eternal Dice is the debut album of the duo released with their own names in 2020 via Entertaining Violence.

Ever since moved to London in 2008, Céli has also produced an extensive range of works in the form of drawing, sculpture, film and photography. She is also the co-founder of ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE along with Sergio Calderón where the duo release their own music recordings, art prints, books and other merchandise.


MU was a band founded by Sergio Calderón & Céli Lee in 2015, after four instrumental albums and two international tours they disbanded in 2018. The duo continue to work together and release albums under their own names.