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Sergio Calderón
MU16 - Photobook - 2016

Softcover. A3 size. 32 pages, 26 plates. Black & White. Limited edition of 200 copies. Each volume is individually signed and numbered by Sergio Calderón himself.

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ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE is proud to present LUCILE, a photobook by the Spanish artist Sergio Calderón.

‘I took these photographs on 15th November 2015 in Paris. At a house in the Quartier Pigalle. The subject was Lucile. Which I met in March 2015 for a film project I was working on. Around that time I began to think about making a story about her. I imagined different situations and scenarios. Devising an abstract story. But I didn’t share with her too much from it. Just some ideas and moods. I wanted to discover more about Lucile.

We didn’t have much time to work. I photographed Lucile on a day off from her final exams at ESMOD Paris. I brought her to a place, with a certain atmosphere, allowing enough space for her to improvise. Somehow she wrote her own script.’

LUCILE is available in softcover, limited edition of 200 copies. Each volume is individually signed and numbered by Calderón himself.


Sergio Calderón is a Spanish artist, musician, film director and photographer.

He has been active musically since the 1990's and composed the soundtracks for most of his films. He was part of the band MU from 2015 to 2018 along with Céli Lee. They continued to record together and released their first album “The Eternal Dice” as Sergio Calderón & Céli Lee in June 2020.

Sergio lives and works in London where he is also developing a body of work as an artist and photographer. He is the co-founder along with Céli Lee of where he releases and distributes his music albums, films, photo books and merchandise.

For many years, Sergio has directed a multitude of short films and music videos.

Sergio has been exhibiting his work in art galleries and museums in London, Barcelona, Beijing and Paris.