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無 (MU)

Limited to 25 copies. Each one is unique.

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'A moment of complicity and intimacy, holding hands with death. A moment of levity on the edge of the abyss.
A moment without hope and without an opening.'
— Georges Bataille

無 is Sergio Calderón and Céli Lee. This special package is the ultimate document of L'Impossible. An improvisational composition for two guitars. Without notation but with a set of rules and the players improvisation, the piece sounds radically different from performance to performance.

The CD includes two of their most inspired improvisations from their 2016 Japan tour. With the heavy ambient recording at Tokyo's Club Doctor and the ferocious live performance at Tokyo Bushbash, capturing the band at the height of its power.

Drawing inspiration from minimal, ambient, drone, metal, avant garde and Georges Bataille, L'Impossible is now available in a very limited edition of 25 copies. A delight for collectors. Each copy includes a unique photograph artwork by Céli Lee, taken during a performance of the dancer Sakura Kurosawa in Nagoya in fall 2016. L'Impossible is a great addition to the blistering studio performance of L'Impossible previously released as Book & CD (MU43).

L'Impossible 'evokes a strange mixture between anguish and liberation. All this oozing a decadent, apocalyptic beauty.'


CD — Duration 59’17”

1 — [notebook 2]
Music by 無
Recorded Live in Tokyo on 5th October 2016 @ Club Doctor
Duration 28’57”
Performed & Produced by 無
Recorded & Mixed by Rinji Fukuoka

2 — [notebook 3]
Music by 無
Recorded Live in Tokyo on 6th October 2016 @ Bushbash
Duration 30’20”
Performed, Recorded & Produced by 無

無 — [notebook 3] — Excerpt

25 unique images in 25 unique CD's.

無 is:
Sergio Calderón — guitar
Céli Lee — guitar